A Visit to the Pillhofer in Nuremberg

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We’ve got another trip through the travels of Mr. Paul Bacon. This time, we’re heading to Nuremberg…

On December 26 most of the restaurants are still closed for the Christmas holiday. We asked the hotel for a restaurant that may be open and after they called around they found one that was available. We made sure the hotel made a reservation because with so few restaurants open, it can be impossible to get a table. The restaurant was close to the hotel and easy to find. The legendary Pillhofer is known for its German menu and beer.


We started with a Paulaner original Münchner.  This is a delicious pilsner that is smooth and compliments many foods. My wife and I decided to try the Sinwellturm. This was a trip through various regional foods with the Nuremberg specialities Schnapsworste and Bratwurst.


In addition, there was chicken breast seared with Szechuan pepper; steak; sliced pork roast; marinated pot roast; homemade dumplings; sauerkraut; red cabbage; and three sauces which included mushroom, gingerbread with dark kellerbier, and beef sauce.


When the food arrived, it did not look like it could fill two but I can say we were very satiated when done. The flavors were outstanding and the combination of the foods complemented each other. The pork and steak were very juicy and succulent. When I return home, I will be experimenting to try and match the texture of the potato dumplings. The outside can be compared to a soft rubber ball with a soft inside. Delicious!


We were very pleased with this recommendation and next we have a food tour of Nuremberg planned. I hope we will discover the true flavor of this region.

Want to imagine your own Pillhofer adventure? Check out the menus below:

img_3428 img_3426

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