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First Class Review: JetBlue Mint JFK-LAX

I imagine the marketing team that came up with “Mint” as the name of JetBlue’s new premium cabin has been patting themselves on the back for months. It’s the perfect evocative brand name; a four-letter word without scorn. Mint is fresh. Mint is financially sound. Mint is crisp and cool and exactly what you want…

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LAX T2 Begins Transformation Process

Terminal 2 at LAX is kind of like that awkward cousin that lives down the street. While you and your friends United, American, and Delta play together, T2 is off in the corner drawing weird pictures of combination bear-dolphins. Every other terminal at LAX has a major carrier anchoring it, but Terminal 2 is a…

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The $18 Airport Salad

How much should a salad cost? $5? $10? $100? “Should” is a dangerous game to play. Free-market economists would tell you that salads should cost as much as the market is willing to pay. At Terminal 4 in LAX, Campanile is charging $18 for a salad (plus tax) and the market seems prepared to pay…

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Here. Have a cookie.

Just left the Admirals Club at LAX. Right before I left, they put out a huge stack of cookies. Nothing makes up for a two hour delay like some chocolate chip cookies, right? No matter what, I thought you might need a cookie right now — in digital form, at least.

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Eat at Rock & Brews LAX, Meet KISS

They’re not here everyday like some sort of Glam Rock Ronald McDonald, but this morning at the Rock & Brews outpost in LAX T5, breakfast diners were treated to a side of star power with their eggs when co-owners Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS showed up (separately) before a flight to grab some…

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Eater’s 2014 Airport Dining Guides

In the Fly&Dine universe, we tend to celebrate different holidays than normal folks. Airline mergers, new menu debuts, and the release of the now-annual Eater Airport Dining Guides are all big days for us. As such, yesterday was essentially Christmas as Eater unleashed their latest series of Airport Dining Guides. The difference between Eater and…

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