Upscale Mexican Food From Loteria Grill Comes to LAX Soon

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The beauty of Facebook is that it takes news (and photos of babies and quizzes about which “Frozen” character you are) and puts it right in front of our faces. Case in point: the new locations of Loteria Grill at LAX in T5 and T7. A friend of a friend liked the post on Loteria Grill head honcho Jimmy Shaw’s page and that, in turn, made it show up in my News Feed.
Now we have photos of the Loteria build-out at LAX and I couldn’t be happier! Loteria’s upscale Mexican food at the Original Farmers Market (at 3rd and Fairfax) focuses on wonderful regional versions of Mexican favorites and I’m sure the LAX locations will follow suit. They’ll be part of the “Farmers Market at LAX” concept which takes Original Farmers Market vendors and transplants small versions of their stalls to a satellite airport location. Bring on the papas con rajas!

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