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My Apple iCloud Nightmare

While the majority of posts on Fly&Dine are about either flying, dining, or both at the same time, this story veers into a very different direction. If you’re not into tech stories of mystery and intrigue that detail my iCloud nightmare, perhaps you’d prefer to browse here instead? Two weeks ago, I got an email…

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Lost Something at TSA Checkpoint? Here’s How to Get It Back!

Everybody loves TSA Security Checkpoints. They’re fast, efficient, non-invasive — wait a second. I’m thinking of KFC. Sorry about that. TSA checkpoints are terrible. They’re full of blue-shirted authority figures yelling at shoeless clusters of travelers forced to prove that they’re not terrorists. Unless you have TSA Pre-Check (and you should! It’s awesome!) and get…

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Can Hackers Control Your Hotel Room?

As the impending Internet of Things takes root all over the world, digital security becomes more and more of an issue. Hotels are quick to offer new luxurious amenities to give guests more value for their money, but do these improvements leave hotels and their patrons more vulnerable to the whims of computer hackers? The…

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