The 14 BEST Numbers in the World RANKED!

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We’ve covered the best airline meals and the best airline WiFi, but we’ve never delved into the most important list of all: the best NUMBERS in the entire world! Where does 73 rank? What about 13,982? Luckily, we’ve consulted an entire panel of experts and other mammals to determine the best numbers in the world. Does 1 make the cut? NO WAY. It’s the loneliest number. Read on for the 14 best numbers in the world ranked in order of greatness!

14. 264

13. 46

12. 888

11. 86,431

10. 1,289

9. 23

8. 11

7. 500

6. 76,345,122

5. 69

4. 525,600

3. 3

2. 29

1. 8


Oh dear. What have I come to? A list of numbers? A LIST OF NUMBERS? It’s all a joke, folks. Relax. Smile. It’s my way of trying to make up for the fact that I’ve been severely deficient in posting Fly&Dine stories this month. It’s all a result of my brand new company, which is eating up all of my time (but totally worth it). I’ll be back with more regular posting soon. Until then, please share this post as if it’s the most important list in the world.



  1. 500 is ranked #7 while 46 is only ranked #13? What the heck ranking system did you use for this? How could 121 not be in the top 10?!?!

    Good fun

    • Sorry you don’t approve, DW. I used the Donaldson-Kimbro Numerical Ranking system favored by most of Southeastern Europe.

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