The 1st Fly&Dine Story in American Way Magazine!

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There are moments in every writer’s life that are significant: the first day you see your name in print, the moment you find out that other writers like your work, and, for travel writers, the first time you get a story in an in-flight magazine.

Today, I’m extremely proud to share with you my first story for American Way Magazine, the in-flight publication of American Airlines. Thanks to a truly wonderful and enthusiastic editor, I was able to combine a bunch of my passions and write a story about celebrity chefs serving food at NFL stadiums this fall. In the process, I spoke to big names like Michael Mina and Michael Symon while learning about some really exciting things happening for football fans all over the country.

Check out my story at this link and share this post with your friends so they, too, can learn about the joys of the “Fat Doug,†Chef Symon’s signature sandwich that lives up to its name by topping a burger with a mound of pastrami, coleslaw, mustard and Swiss cheese for a sandwich hybrid that’s half-diner/half-deli. Mmmmmmm. (You can also click on the headline below to read the story)

Six Celebrity Stadium Chefs

Forget concession stands. These culinary trailblazers are upping their gourmet games at stadiums across America.


Photo via American Way Magazine/Underbelly



  1. Congratulations. I know how I felt when the mailman delivered a copy of a US national magazine that contained my first article in “the big leagues”. Must have been a tough slog to research your piece! But then, somebody had to do ti…yum, yum. Have seats at Sightlines to watch the Blue Jays take on the Orioles tomorrow, so hope their chef is up to the celeb standards you found at your stadiums. Will save reading your article until next Saturday when I fly AA’s Flagship F from JFK-LAX.

  2. Two months+ for a new in-flight meal story? We’ll just have to write your own, down here… Any frequently flying eater has his/her own set of rules about what to order in the front cabin. I’ll share two of mine today… 1. For international long haul, avoid U.S. carriers like the plague. In a recent survey of the top ten long haul airlines known for excellent Not One was a U.S. airline. We know why. 2. If one is flying a foreign carrier for the first time and may be unfamiliar with their catering standards, always try for a braised entree. Braised dishes are one of the few that cake the added seasoning and well as extended holding times without damage. In many cases, the extended warming times can even help. While enjoying the mystery meat braise, look at what others are eating, listen to their comments and even take notes. Both practices have saved my bacon more than once. -Cook

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