The Delano Proves to Be a Great Vegas Hotel for Dogs

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I’ve got to be honest, guys. I never expected to bring a dog to Vegas. Like cocktail bars and UFC fights, Vegas is no place for children or puppies but last week I found myself in need of a place to stay on the way to Park City, UT and Vegas was a perfect four-hour drive from home. While some of the bigger hotels in town enforce a strict no-dog policy (unless you’re a big spender, in which case you could probably bring an elephant if you wanted), the Delano Hotel near Mandalay Bay is actually one of the properties that serves as a great Vegas hotel for dogs. So, at 6pm on a Tuesday, Cleo Bagels, Lady Fly&Dine, and I stopped for our very first family Vegas adventure.

What to Expect

Delano Doggie Walk

The Delano walks the line between extremely sleek and extremely dog-friendly. While the entry ways seem like an upscale boutique hotel, your dog is definitely welcome there. When we checked in, we were immediately given the doggie menus and a little treat for Cleo. While there were no specific dog-friendly amenities in the room for our pooch, the ample space in the King Suite were enough for Cleo to feel comfortable and not penned in. She’s used to being in a one-bedroom apartment (where she spent half her life), so the fact that The Delano is an all-suite property worked really well for her. She hung out on the couch in the living room most of the night and really seemed to enjoy looking out the windows of the 36th floor.

In terms of potty breaks, there’s a little dog park right outside of the main entrance. Don’t read “dog park” and think it’s a play area. It’s really just a giant outdoor bathroom with no fence or any sort of enclosure. That said, there are poop bags out there for you and for a Vegas hotel, it’s nice to see any real estate given to pups and not slot machines (although there’s no casino at The Delano whatsoever). The area is a short walk from the elevators and the area — while not large — is ample enough for a good little walk-and-sniff. Cleo had no problem getting acclimated to doing her business down there and it seemed like the other dogs around were enjoying it as well.

The Menus

You can certainly bring your own food to The Delano, but part of the fun of an overnight stay in a hotel with your pet is giving them a vacation, too. The Delano offers two ways to make your visit special. The first is a really fun food menu that’ll get your dog a break from kibble. Check it out:

Doggie Delights Menu1I honestly considered ordering the Bark-A-Roni for myself. A menu as extensive as this is definitely what I think of in a Vegas hotel for dogs.

The second route is really a menu for you. It’s the different services offered by the Doggy Butler (aka the concierge who has to walk your dog). While you go outside and create memories that are meant to stay in Vegas, someone at the hotel will take care of your puppy for you. Here’s what they offer:

Doggie Delights MenuIt’s nice to know your pup will be well looked after, even if you decide to do serious damage to your liver (and wallet) for the night.

Overall, I’d say The Delano definitely qualifies as one of the best Vegas hotels for dogs. If I’m ever passing through Vegas again with Cleo, I’d be more than happy to stay here and order up a Pooch Patty for Cleo and myself to enjoy together.


All photos courtesy of The Delano Vegas. Dog is not actually Cleo Bagels.

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