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Back in May, I wrote about Bon Appetit’s Andrew Knowlton who suggested becoming an in-flight mixologist and crafting your own cocktails on your next flight. A mere five months later and Knowlton’s ideas have turned into a commercial project (although he doesn’t appear to be involved or get any credit) which allows you to buy a travel kit for making cocktails up in the air.

Meet the Carry On Cocktail Kit, a collaboration between W&P Design and PUNCH, both Brooklyn companies who want you to think there’s nothing better than an Old Fashioned when you’re hurtling through space and time in a metal tube. The Old Fashioned kit, available for $24, comes with everything you need to make that classic cocktail: a carry-on tin, a recipe card, a spoon that also serves as a muddler, small-batch (natch) aromatic bitters, Demerara cane sugar, and even a linen coaster in case Zooey Deschanel is sitting next to you and you need to impress her with your twee-ness. All you need to do is order up a mini bottle of bourbon and you’ll be in business. Bonus points for growing a mustache and wearing a bow-tie and vest while you make the drink.

The Old Fashioned is the only kit available right now, but if this proves successful, I can only imagine how many more kits will be available. Negronis, perhaps? Mojitos? Of course. The sky is (truly) the limit when you take the mixology movement onto airplanes. In fact, I won’t be surprised if we start seeing on-board bartenders similar to the Etihad in-flight chefs. They can roll down the aisle with a cart full of freshly squeezed juices, exotic bitters, and funky garnishes as they construct the cocktail of the day for thirsty flyers.

Make sure to order an Aviation


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  1. considering it’s illegal for anyone to serve themselves alcohol on flights, I doubt it will fly. It is against FAA regs and you could get thrown off the plane for self serving, or arrested and fined after landing if you don’t comply after the flight attendant tells you it’s not allowed…..he would have to sell his packaged drinks to the airline to serve, and the airline would get the profit, like they always do.
    While delayed on a SW flight the flight attendants told us once we got airborne they would serve free drinks, they could not serve any while at the gate because of a contract with the airport, so they let us off to get a beer at the airport bar, which was the only thing open at the time.

    • While I appreciate you sharing the FAA regulations, if you read a little closer, you’ll see that the product doesn’t actually come with liquor. “All you need to do is order up a mini bottle of bourbon” means get it from the flight attendant.

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