Um… Jetpacks are Real?

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I’m calling it. It’s May 2015 and we are officially living in the future. All of the hallmarks of our future world — with the glaring exception of the flying car — have seemingly come to fruition. Just look at these new developments:

1. Apple just released a product that is essentially a Dick Tracy wrist communicator.

2. Cars now drive themselves.

3. Jetpacks are completely, totally real.

Virtual Reality hits the market this year and the end of all war, famine, and disease can’t be too far off. The future is now, people. While the Apple Watch and self-driving cars are advances that make you say, “Oh, cool.” The jetpack thing will make you say “WHAT? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?” But it is possible and I’ve got the video proof.


Feast your eyes on Yves “Jetman” Rossy and his compatriot Vince Reffet. They’re flying in formation over Dubai like they’re Iron Man and War Machine. The full video is below:

The future is here. Break out that astronaut ice cream.

If you’re into seeing more jetpacking fun, hit this Huffington Post story for more links.


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