US to Europe for $161? Not a Mistake Fare.

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It’s called WOW Air for a reason. The RyanAir of Iceland just expanded into the US market and they’re offering fares that seem like they’re full-on mistakes. WOW just started service from Boston’s Logan Airport (click here for a genius trick to get into the first class security lane) and the flights go to London (Gatwick/LGW), Berlin (SXF), Copenhagen (CPH), Paris (CDG), Dublin (DUB), and Reykjavik (KEF) with flights out of Baltimore (BWI) coming soon. Service hasn’t yet started on some of the routes, so make sure to double-check the availability before getting too excited, but the price is so low that you can take an impromptu trip to Reykjavik for just $161 in September.

Check the website here, but these are the fares they’re advertising so far:

Boston to…

Copenhagen for $270.28

London for $276.69

Reykjavik for $161.10

Berlin for $266.99 [starting in June]

Dublin for $263.07 [starting in September]


DC (BWI) to…

Copenhagen for $241.99 [starting in May]

London for $266.36 [May]

Reykjavik for $199.20 [May]

Berlin for $206.99 [June]

Dublin for $367.03 [October]


Keep in mind that these fares are one-way and on WOW Air, like RyanAir, you get what you pay for. That means just about everything costs extra. Choosing your seat, meals, in-flight TV/movies, and carry-on luggage over 11lbs. will all add to the price of your ticket.

While everything about the flight screams “budget,” the airplanes are actually not re-purposed WWII submarines or anything. They’re flying Airbus A321s, which means you’ll be cruising in style across the Atlantic. No word yet on if/when they’ll be flying from US airports beyond BOS and BWI, but if things go according to plan, I imagine we’ll all be saying WOW a lot more in the near future.

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  1. I fly to KEF from BOS on Monday. My fare with extra legroom was $310 rt when I purchased it last Nov. Despite several searches, I can’t find any reports online on what the flight is like. Any readers already taken WOW out of Boston?

  2. Unless they get some bigger planes I think BWI is going to be their distance limit. BWI to KEF is 2762 miles. They have a dense configuration so I doubt their A321s can fly much further than that with a profitable load. Of course they still can expand to Philly or NY with their current fleet.

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