What Kind of Food Do They Serve on the EVA #HelloKitty Planes?

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There may be no better airline cross-promotion than the EVA Air/Hello Kitty collaboration. Nearly everything on board from the amenity kits to the toilet paper gets branded with Sanrio’s friendliest little cat and people go crazy for it. Now EVA is launching direct flights from Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) to Houston (IAH) and that means Hello Kitty is coming to Texas three times a week.

I’ve never flown on EVA and never been that invested in small Japanese cartoon characters, but I’ve always wanted to know about how EVA has transformed their food service to accommodate the Hello Kitty branding. Thanks to the magic of Twitter (and media events), I’m now able to get a glimpse into the adorable food being served on these flights since EVA invited a bunch of writer folks to check out their plane in Houston. This is what I’ve found:





So it looks like staying true to the Hello Kitty brand means lots of star shapes and edible images of Hello Kitty’s face. I’m not sure if that economy meal will be consistent for all flights or if it was dolled up for this launch party, but realistically, I love the looks of it. Great color. Nice selection of vegetables (I see star versions of carrots and zucchini plus those three beautiful pieces of cauliflower in purple, green, and yellow). Even the somewhat creepy Hello Kitty carrot face is fun. This looks much fresher than most economy meals I’ve come across recently and I’m impressed.

Have you eaten the Hello Kitty meals on EVA? What was your experience like? Fill me in with a comment below.

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