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Wolfgang Puck Adds to His Airport Arsenal

There’s no celebrity chef that has spread his name as far and as wide as Wolfgang Puck. At airports, college campuses, supermarkets, and pretty much anywhere you can purchase food, the Austrian-born chef has made his presence known and now there’s another outlet to get your globally-inspired comfort food at Dulles (IAD) where Wolfgang Puck…

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New Dining Options On The Way To Dubai (DXB)

Fly&Dine is proud to welcome new contributor Aaron Behl, one of the world’s last great heroes. The people of the UAE have spoken and DXB is about to show you what a concourse can be. Two thousand men, women, and children tested out Dubai International Airport’s brand spanking new Concourse D last Saturday and have…

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Craft Beer Takes Off in Airports

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and if you want to survive it, you should probably start drinking now. Thankfully, the nation’s airports are happy to help. While impersonal airport bars have been a staple for years, now travelers can get their drink on with way better options than ever before. Wine bars are…

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JetBlue is Growing WHAT at JFK?!?

“Farm-to-table” may go down as the biggest food trend of the past decade. People started caring a lot more about where their food came from and restaurants responded by including lists of farms and other purveyors on their menus. Airlines, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care. After all, they have a captive group…

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The Latest on Uber and LYFT at LAX

Are you an Uber LAX supporter? Are you tired of paying the taxi company’s outrageous $19 minimum to hail a cab at LAX? Does the phrase “LYFT LAX” sound like sweet, sweet music to your traveling ears? If so, read on for where we stand on the all-important question of Uber and Lyft picking up…

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Would You Pay $10 for Yogurt?

“That’ll be $9.76. Is that okay?” That was exactly the question posed to me by the cashier at the La Provence Bakery at LAX’s Terminal 4. It was very early on a Sunday morning and I was hungry after rushing into an Uber without breakfast. I wanted something light before my flight to Louisville and…

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