$15 is Great, but $15 x Infinity is Even Better [ad]

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A holiday poem in honor of the best DOSH offer yet (skip to the end if you just want the translation):

As the turkeys get brined and recipes refined, let us all give thanks (while we wear holiday-themed Spanx).

While Dosh’s new offer may dare to seem more than fair, the fine folks in Texas aren’t conspiring to vex us.

When you sign up to save, it’s more cash that you crave; but the more that you share, the more Dosh back you can snare.

What once was just five will give you more drive because the bonus you’ve seen has JUMPED TO FIFTEEN!

Translation? Dosh is now offering $15 for every person you refer who signs up for Dosh and links a credit card. That’s triple the bonus (normally $5 per referral) and there’s no limit to the number of people you refer. If you want to make lots of extra holiday scratch as we approach the present-buying season, this is the perfect way to pad your bank account. Just ten of your friends signing up will net you $150. How good does that sound? Very good, if you ask me. To make it even better, your friends get $5 in their accounts just for signing up. If they start referring people, they’re going to get the $15 referral bonus, too! This is the offer that keeps on giving.

Just a reminder, Dosh is the app that gives you cashback for doing nothing more than spending money like you normally would. You download the app, link a credit card, and then get money back whenever you use that card at a Dosh merchant. No forms to fill out, no special redemptions required, no points to convert. Dosh gives you pure cash to send directly to your bank account or donate to non-profit groups all over the US.

With this new $15 referral bonus, you can stack up a ton of cash really quickly and that should help ease the burden of the holiday season. The bonus ends on December 1st, so sign up for Dosh right now and start referring your friends!


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    • Notifications were sent out to Dosh users about the $15 referral bonus. I think they just haven’t updated the referral page on the app.

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