7 Unbelievable Ways Airlines Are Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

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You may be firmly fixated on the post-work margaritas that are waiting for you after quitting time today, but airlines all over the world are celebrating Cinco de Mayo all day with outlandish celebrations, in-flight cocktails, and a whole lot of mariachi music. While this may just look like May 5 on the calendar, we all know it’s Cinco de Mayo and that means it’s time to celebrate Mexican Independence the day the state of Puebla fought off the French. Check out what the airlines are doing to celebrate the day.

Airlines Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

1. AeroMéxico: In-Flight Mariachis

Mexico’s flag carrier spends millions each year to commemorate Cinco de Mayo and this year, they’ve really raised the bar. Instead of the soothing sounds of Mexico’s favorite crooners over the loudspeaker before your flight, AeroMéxico is sending a three-person mariachi band on EVERY flight that takes off today. Get ready for guitars of various sizes and a horn that just won’t quit as you make your way through the skies. AeroMéxico spokesman Jaime Gonzalez says that the mariachis work for tips, but they won’t take requests. “We’ve trained them all to play the same two songs over and over again to replicate the experience of being in a New York City subway car.” Sounds like fun!


2. American Airlines: Premium Class Piñata Party

With hubs in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, and Chicago, AA is no stranger to large Mexican communities. As a result, they wanted to make Cinco de Mayo special by installing piñatas in all of its premium cabins. In the middle of each flight, a special passenger will be chosen via lottery to wield foam-covered bats (approved by the TSA) to break open the piñata and reveal the candy within. Reports from American flights already show massive excitement about the Piñata Parties, with the one exception occurring on a flight from ORD to MIA when an unfortunately large reserve of spiders were discovered inside the piñata after it had already been piñata-ed.


3. Qantas: Margarita Carts

While Qantas usually offers complimentary alcohol on its international flights, today they’re offering it on all of their flights with one catch: the only drink being served will be margaritas. Flight attendants will be mixing up the tart cocktail for all passengers and the only choice flyers needs to make is whether or not they’d like salt on the rim. Limes also come complimentary. On flights of three hours or more, Qantas is also providing tortilla chips.



Foto: Jonn Leffmann [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

4. Air India: Octavio Paz Readings

Some airlines may be going with Cinco de Mayo’s more, um, celebratory aspects, but Air India is showing their appreciation for Mexican culture by hosting live readings of the works of Mexican author Octavio Paz all day long. Sit back as Bollywood’s biggest stars narrate the works of the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature winner. Piedra del sol! Vuelta! Viento entero! They’re all on-board Air India to pay tribute to Mexico’s special day!


5. Bangkok Airways: Corn Seats

Now this is a big commitment to Cinco de Mayo. To honor Mexico’s most important crop, boutique Thai carrier Bangkok Airways has installed seats made entirely from corn. The process is proprietary, so there aren’t a lot of details available, but every single part of the seat from the headrest to the seatbelt is made out of some form of corn. As an added bonus, the seats will be sent to Mexico after Cinco de Mayo and distributed to orphanages. Each seat provides over fifty meals.


6. Ryanair: Discounted Salsa

Nothing on Ryanair is free and neither are the promotions. While you can’t buy chips and they won’t be selling any other form of Mexican food, budget European carrier Ryanair has decided to offer their passengers the opportunity to buy salsa at a discounted rate. The jars of salsa are close-outs from a major European grocery store who had a surplus of damaged cases and Ryanain purchased the whole lot to sell to you on this very special day. All sales final.


7. Delta: Biscoff Nachos

Do you like Delta’s signature Biscoff cookies? Do you like nachos? If you answered yes to both, then you’re in for a real treat! All day long, Delta will be serving platters of Biscoff nachos in its lounges nationwide. Layers of the speculoos cookies get covered in tangy nacho cheese and pickled jalapenos for a Delta-approved taste explosion! Enjoy a plate in the lounge or take some to go (note: Delta will not be providing to-go containers, so bring your own bag or keep the front pocket of your carry-on open for nacho transportation).

I’m super bummed out that I’m not flying today, as I’d love to take part in these fun Cinco de Mayo celebrations! Have you flown today? What was your experience like?

Remember when I said these were “7 Unbelievable Ways…”? That’s because you shouldn’t believe them. They’re all made up. Happy Cinco de Mayo, which may or may not be the April Fools Day of Mexico*.


*It is not.


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