JetBlue Brings Streaming Video to Planes via Amazon Prime

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It’s no secret that I have a crush on JetBlue. I think their Mint first class product is a great new direction for premium cabins and I love that they offer free snacks and TV to all of their passengers. Thanks to a new partnership with Amazon Prime, though, JetBlue is offering something that no other airline has yet been able to master: online video streaming.

If you’ve got an Amazon Prime membership, you’ll now have access to all of their free movies, TV shows, and music on JetBlue. It’s a revelation. That’s thousands and thousands of new entertainment options as you fly across the country. DirectTV is great and all, but live TV at 3pm isn’t exactly the most compelling programming around, you know? Getting access to Amazon’s on-demand catalog is like sitting through school lunch for years only to find out you now get to eat at a restaurant for lunch every day. The plethora of choices will transform your flying experience.

This new development is the perfect reason to sign up for Amazon Prime. You get to use the service absolutely free for thirty days. After that, an Amazon Prime One Year Membership costs $99 for the year. I’ve been an Amazon Prime user for three years now and I love it for two main reasons.

Why I Love Amazon Prime

1. Free two-day shipping on pretty much everything Amazon sells. No more shipping costs. This pays for itself after about two months, considering how much I buy from Amazon.

2. Amazon Prime streaming. Netflix is great for many things, but Amazon has a better movie collection and higher quality TV shows. In terms of original content, Transparent is amazing and I’ve watched the pilots for some upcoming series that look great, too.

What are you waiting for? Click the banner above to sign up for an Amazon Prime free 30-day trial and test out the service. If you like it — which you will — it’s only $99/year and that now entitles you to unlimited streaming on almost every JetBlue flight you take (streaming won’t come to the Embraer E190 aircraft until 2016).


Note: I get a small referral fee if you sign up for a free trial. If you like me and like free movies, sign up for the trial so we both win!


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