The $7,000 World Cup Take-Out Order

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Would you spend over $7,000 to hook your friends up with Indian food on a different continent? That’s what one guy did for the World Cup.

Can we all just agree that rich people spend their excess money on stupid things? Michael Jackson built his own zoo, Michael Jordan bought a failing basketball team, and now, a guy named Mustafa Azim is flying Indian food from England to Brazil so he and his twelve buddies can enjoy the food they love while they watch the World Cup. Now THAT’S what I call Fly&Dining. The whole thing is going to cost £4,200 or $7,150.71 in US Dollars. Apparently just burning the money wasn’t nearly as appealing.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the dedication here and I certainly understand the appeal of taking your favorites with you to a place where they’re not available. I regularly fly back from Chicago with Garrett’s popcorn and Superdawgs and Lou Malnati’s Pizza. There’s a line, however, between doing something awesome and doing something just because you can. It’s not like there isn’t ANY Indian food in Brazil. Here are the Indian restaurants in Sao Paulo (according to TripAdvisor). Here are the ones in Rio. I have no idea where this British chap (who’s actually from Bangladesh, not India) is watching the game, but it seems way over the top to cater a meal in Brazil from a restaurant in Worthing, England when there are probably much closer options. Actually, I bet you could hire a chef from Bangladesh or India to cook authentic Indian food right in front of you for far less than $7,000. You probably don’t get the satisfaction of knowing you just brought dinner across an ocean, though.

Major props to the Worthing Herald, by the way, for their awesome headline: “Footy Fans Get Curried Away at the World Cup.” A top notch pun indeed.

h/t to Consumerist for being on it, as always. (original story via Worthing Herald)



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  1. Well,the food was about 100 GBP per Person… not cheap, but for I guess everybody is getting a good meal for that.
    I´m not sure if he had his chartered flight to Shoreham anyways and just decided to take the meal with him. As well it seems to me that he took the food with him on the flight, so he was taking it on his ticket…

    Still a crazy story 🙂 Probably you could as well have rented an indian cook there somewhere…
    The 1800 GBP Ticket to Brazil sounds to me like he was rather buying a C than an F Ticket, so maybe money still counts for him in some way 🙂

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