AA’s New Pet Cabins, Outrageous Airport Yogurt Prices, and MORE!

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It’s been some week, folks. I moved right next to LAX, the GOP held a debate (15 months before the actual election), and NFL training camps are in full swing. If you like acronyms, you loved last week. You also, hopefully, loved Fly&Dine because we had some great stories over the past seven days. Pet lovers and haters alike got up in arms about American Airlines’ new pet cabins in F, $10 yogurt sparked a nice debate, we revisited the value of TSA Pre-Check, and I tried to guide you like a sherpa towards your next Amazon luggage set purchase. If you missed anything, go ahead and click on those adorable little turquoise links below to catch up.


American Airlines’ New First Class Pet Cabins


Need Luggage? Try My Amazon Choose-Your-Own-Adventure System


Greatest Hits: Why Applying for (Just) TSA Pre-Check is a Terrible Decision


Would You Pay $10 for Yogurt?

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