This Class Wants You to Paint Airplane Food

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When was the last time you heard someone talk about airplane food as if it was a work of art? Probably never. While the best of premium cabin dining can measure up to some of the better restaurants on the ground, economy class food doesn’t really do much in the way of inspiring us. There’s just something about pre-packaged airplane food on a tray that doesn’t scream “art.”

If you’re in Indonesia, though, you can sit down for three hours and relive all of your memories of dry chicken breasts and tiny square salads at the Living Loving Studios “Airplane Food Painting Class” taught by Citra Marina. Head to Jakarta on May 12th and bring 475,000 Indonesian rupiah (roughly $34 in US dollars) to live out your watercoloring dreams. Just look at this beauty:

a drawing of food in a tray

Is that an omelet? It might be. The croissant definitely looks pretty good (and quite generous compared to actual airplane portions). Nice work, anonymous artist in Jakarta!

Here’s how Google Translate handled the Indonesian description of the class:

Not only exciting, at #LLclass this time you will get art supplies consisting of traveling watercolor kit, white gel pen and watercolor paper that you can take home later. In addition there will be a beautiful and nice tart of Bake of Art that will accompany you during the workshop.
This honestly sounds like a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday. Plus, you get dessert while you paint. What’s better than that? People have been painting still life portraits of fruit bowls for centuries. I would say there’s an argument to be made that a tray of airplane food is the fruit bowl of modern times. Mundane, sure, but an important part of the everyday lives of frequent flyers.
If art is about transforming our day-to-day into the sublime (and I believe it is), then I think this class is definitely on the right track. What do you think?
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