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Have you heard the good news? The Dosh referral bonus has risen! It used to be $5 and now it’s $15.

Here’s How it Works:

Download the Dosh app by clicking right… HERE!

Sign up by uploading your credit card details. (Don’t worry, Dosh uses the same security to guard your CC data that credit card issuers themselves use.)

Check the app for a nearby store offering Dosh back to you and buy something! You’ll get anywhere from 2% to 10% back from your purchase for doing nothing.

Collect your $5 bonus for linking a card and using the Dosh app for a purchase.

Send your unique referral link to all of your friends and family and get them to follow the same steps.

For every person that uses your link, you’ll get a whopping $15 and they’ll get the same $5 that you got when you first linked a card and bought something from a Dosh merchant.

Sound easy? That’s the point. Dosh wants this to be as easy as possible for everyone as they increase the number of Dosh users.

The Large-But-Still-Fine Print

If you want the $15 referral bonus, you need to act fast. This bonus is available from right now until April 13th at 12:00pm.

Your qualifying purchase needs to be in-person from a nearby store. No online offers count.

Your referral fee will get deposited into your Dosh Wallet after the person you refer makes their first in-store purchase.

So What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch. There’s no cap to the number of people you refer. There are some Doshers who have earned thousands and thousands of dollars doing this. If you need some extra cash, this is a great way to pay the bills (says the guy who’s trying to convince you to sign up and get the referral bonus!).

Use my link and you’ll get $5 for linking a card and making a purchase and I’ll get my $15 bonus. Then you start signing up friends and they’ll get $5 and you get the $15 bonus!

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