The Best Tip for Thanksgiving Travel

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The media is saturated with tips and tricks for surviving the super stressful beast that is holiday travel. I think they largely miss the point. I have one simple tip that will make your Thanksgiving traveling easier this year and if you can manage to stick to it, you’ll be a lot happier by the time you reach your destination. Ready for it?


That’s it. When something is stressing you out, just focus on breathing. It’s the simplest thing we do as humans and also the most important. Be mindful of your breath in stressful situations and, all of a sudden, they’ll be less stressful.

Somebody cutting in front of you at check-in? Breathe.

Plane delayed AGAIN? Breathe.

McDonald’s trying to charge you $14 for a Happy Meal? Stop going to McDonald’s.

If you can have the presence of mind to take a second and breathe every time something gets your heart racing, you’ll be able to handle the situation. A little mindfulness goes a long way.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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