Bill Cosby’s Favorite BBQ Spots in America

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Bill Cosby has been America’s favorite TV dad since 1984 and today, Father’s Day, he’s celebrating that fact with an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A over at Reddit. While most of the questions ask about his career or general advice, buried deep down on the page was this question:

[–]Doctor-Propane 13 points

Hello Mr. Cosby,

Do you prefer grilling with charcoal or do you use propane?

Now, I was certainly curious to know the answer, but Dr. Cosby decided to go a different route. Apparently he doesn’t cook barbecue on his own. Instead, he listed his favorite spots in the US to grab some ribs. While I’m traveling, I always like to have a list of local favorites with me so I don’t wind up at a boring chain restaurant (not that there’s anything wrong with chains…). Hopefully this list will come in handy one day!

These are Bill Cosby’s Four Favorite BBQ Spots:

Montgomery Ribs in Cincinnati
It’s not technically called Montgomery Ribs, but here’s the website for The Montgomery Inn, the most famous rib shop in Ohio.

The Dinosaur in Harlem
Another slight misnomer, “The Dinosaur” is actually Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a New York staple since 1983 — coincidentally the same year Cosby started developing The Cosby Show (which would later premiere in September 1984).

The Rendezvous in Memphis, Tennessee.
This one he got right! Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous serves charcoal-broiled pork ribs in one of America’s BBQ capitals. If you can’t make it to Memphis, they’ll ship ’em to you.

Charlie’s in Philadelphia
The former Dr. Huxtable says “I had a wonderful plate from Charlie’s in Philadelphia. The end.” Charlie’s isn’t exactly a dedicated barbecue spot, but rather a soul food restaurant that specializes in ribs. Here’s the menu. Looks good, no?

Have you tried any of Cosby’s favorites? I haven’t, but the next time I find myself in Cincinnati/Harlem/Memphis/Philly, I know where I’m heading.


  1. I like how there’s nothing from Texas on here. Lame! It appears to lean heavily towards SE style BBQ that’s heavy on sauces.

  2. Dinosaur BBQ is a small chain with its first location being in Syracuse, NY and later on opening in Harlem. I’ve been to their Harlem, Troy and Brooklyn restaurants. I find them to be hit or miss. Last time we went it happened to be really good at the Bklyn location.

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