Brilliant Food Hack: Pizza Cutter to the Rescue

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Let’s talk about salads for a second. I like eating salads. I hate making salads. Seriously, there is some sort of vortex that I fall into whilst making a salad that legitimately makes the final product taste worse. Chopping, mixing, assembling. Too much damn work for me. If you give me the same salad in a restaurant, I’ll love it. By my own hands? No ma’am. I’m weird like that.

But what if there was a way to make the entire salad making process easier? Like by a factor of 100? Would I change my salad tune? Yep. I came across this food hack yesterday from Serious Eats and I’m just starting to put the pieces of my brain back together after it was blown to bits. Instead of wasting time chopping all of your ingredients, just put everything into a bowl and go nuts with a pizza cutter. Ten seconds later, voila! You’ve got a chopped salad.

To recap: put salad ingredients in a bowl. Roll over that good stuff with a pizza cutter. Celebrate.

I’m in love with this idea. I may even marry it. Want to give it a shot? All you need is a proper pizza cutter.


Source: Serious Eats


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