The Biggest Travel Pet Peeves

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There’s a discussion going on over at /r/Travel on Reddit where people have been naming their biggest travel pet peeves and it’s inspired me on this fine Friday morning. So let’s play a game. It’s called “Name Your Biggest Travel Pet Peeve.” The rules are simple: you name your biggest travel pet peeve in the comments section of this post. Easy enough, right? Here are some that the Reddit folks have thrown out:

  • Standing still in the middle of a walk way.
  • Lining up at the gate long before the plane is boarding.
  • People who sit at the gate the whole time when they’re just going to sit on the plane for a bunch of hours in a row.
  • Not having your ticket ready to scan when boarding.
  • People who jump up to get their carry-ons the moment the plane stops.

And some of my personal travel pet peeves:

  • Egregious seat recliners — especially those that recline and then lean forward to watch a movie without pulling their seat back up.
  • Dry/soggy in-flight sandwiches. There has to be a better way to a happy medium.
  • People who move my carry-on in the overhead bin so that their luggage can fit (and make mine not fit in the process).
  • The person right behind me who uses the back of my seat to pull themselves up when they want to get out.

I have about a million more (I’m a cranky dude sometimes), but I want to know about YOUR biggest travel pet peeves. In fact, I want to create the biggest list of travel pet peeves on the internet. Help me do that by listing your own peeves in the comments and then sharing this post (you can use this shortlink: with all of your friends who can add to the list. Let’s make this happen! Comment away!



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  1. “The person right behind me who uses the back of my seat to pull themselves up when they want to get out.

    hold in your recline button when they try that, it will give them no support and they will get the message.

  2. As for moving your carry-on bag: if you put your carry-on sideways it will get moved. Carry-ons are supposed to be stowed wheels out, not wheels to the side. If your bag does not then fit wheels-out, your bag is the problem.

  3. Airlines who no longer let families with small children board early. They are just asking for more delays in the aisle and potential drama.

  4. Travelers who can’t lift/carry their own luggage and instead of getting a skycap or other assistance, they continue to ask the travelers around them for help. If you can’t lift your carry-on into the bin yourself, then check it. Maybe this just irks me more since I’m pretty tall and am ALWAYS asked to assist when travelling.

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