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Quick Tip: The Southwest Boarding Hack

If you ever fly Southwest, you know the agony and ecstasy of their boarding policy. With no assigned seats, it’s every person for themselves once you board the plane. There’s a bit of a shortcut, though, if you’re flying out of the right airport. While most airports have a single entry point onto the aircraft,…

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How Southwest Showed Its Heart

As citizens of the world, we deal with corporations every single day of our lives. Most of the time, they seem like faceless giants; massive money robots out to conduct transactions and nothing more. Once in a while, though, we see the humanity in a corporation and realize that even the largest companies on the…

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Ranking The Best Airline WiFi

Getting access to the internet while you’re cruising through the clouds is a true testament to the ingenuity of humanity. In-flight wi-fi is one of my favorite inventions of the past decade and I’m guessing you’ll agree. Instead of being forced to devote our time to stupid tasks like reading (bo-ring!), we can now see…

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Screw You, Southwest

As far as I’m concerned, Southwest owes me for an hour of my time. You: “What?!? That guy is so entitled! What a jerk!” Before you react like that, listen to my story. It was Tuesday. My girlfriend was coming back to town via Southwest. As a good dude should, I offered to pick her…

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