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Which Airline Had the Best Wines in 2013?

Which wine pairs best with tiny bags of peanuts? That’s a question to ask any of the 28 airlines that recently participated in Business Traveller’s 2013 Cellars in the Sky Awards. The competition, run annually since 1985, is based on blind tastings conducted in London in December 2013. Four judges independently score the wine, although…

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Delta’s Getting Closer to Blue Smoke BBQ

Coming down taste-testing homestretch for @BlueSmoke in-flight meals on @delta. Passing muster! — Danny Meyer (@dhmeyer) January 10, 2014 Hey BBQ fans, looks like 2014 is going to be the Year of You on Delta flights. Big time restaurant honcho Danny Meyer (@dhmeyer) tweeted out this mouth-watering pic at the end of last week…

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An Ode to an Ice Cream Sundae

There’s a big difference between traveling in economy and traveling in a premium cabin. Outside of bigger, more comfortable seats and better entertainment options, the most glaring difference is the food especially on an international flight. While the plebeians in Coach are trying to get through the tiny plastic tray of chicken with rice, First…

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