The Cheapest Airport Breakfast in the World

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Airports are known for taking the foods you normally enjoy, then cranking up the price and serving an inferior version. While that’s not the case at great places like Tortas Frontera at ORD, it definitely holds true in a lot of airport dining options. At MIA, though, the behemoth international airport in Miami, you can find what is perhaps the cheapest airport breakfast in the world.

Sure, you can eat the same steam table scrambled eggs and mass-cooked bacon strips you’d be in every other airport, but MIA offers something nobody else does: real Cuban food at real Cuban food prices. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

The mighty Guava and Cheese Pastelito (little pastry). Sweet guava jam mixed with crumbled queso fresco inside a flaky triangle of pastry dough. It’s like a Cuban breakfast boomerang. You can find them all over the airport at Miami specialists like La Carreta and Ku-Vu, but if you ask me, your best bet is Cafe Versailles. Oh, did I forget to mention the cheap part? It’s $1.19. Breakfast for $1.19 in an airport? I know.


Bemused Cuban woman not included.

The next time you’re flying through MIA, it’s your imperative as a human being to stop and get an authentic piece of Miami culinary culture for less than the price of a Sunday newspaper. Do it!




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