Delta Pledges Allegience to Starbucks

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While I’m not a coffee drinker myself, I know that people get very worked up about the type of water-braised bean slurry that they’re served and that’s why it seems like good news that Delta has chosen to serve Starbucks coffee on all of its flights from here to eternity. Reuters reports that Delta has chosen to replace their former main-coffee-squeeze, Seattle’s Best, which, coincidentally, is owned by Starbucks. It’s a little like upgrading your shirt selection from Old Navy to Gap. Same parent company, better sounding brand.

While this may not actually sway any travelers into changing their flight plans, it’s just another element of airlines trying to lure passengers through upgraded food and beverage offerings. It’s all for the best. Does this mean flight attendants will be making on-board Frappucinos in the near future? One can only hope.

Read all about the change over at Reuters.


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  1. Delta does not need to change bean brands. What they do need to do it find some way around that horrible, tanked, ‘potable’ water on airplanes. Is there ANY airline yet willing to use bottled water for hot beverages? If anyone knows of one, please let me know. -C.

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