Grille District Now Open at DCA/Reagan/National

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Today was the long awaited opening of the Grille District restaurant located in the Delta/United terminal at DCA. In the past, the choices of food were very limited besides “usual†terminal food.

The gates opened for the first time at 6:00 a.m. and the staff was very welcoming and friendly. From my view at the end of the bar I could watch Chef Phillip Martin and his crew through an opening to the kitchen. This is an excellent opportunity to watch preparation and use of fresh ingredients.


The menu offers a range of breakfast items, including chicken and waffles — after all, the airport is in Virginia. The omelet was large with the toast freshly grilled. I asked others seated nearby how they liked their breakfast and they were very pleased. The portions are excellent and they are responsive to dietary needs such as allergies.

The lunch/dinner menu is a welcome change from the usual terminal fare at DCA. The offerings vary from a Cleveland Park Portobella Burger to pan-seared sea scallops. There’s also a selection of local beers, cocktails, and wine.

IMG_0764You have a choice of sitting at the bar, a booth, or a table. There are outlets at most of the tables to charge your phone as you eat.

If you find yourself in need of something different and have time before your flight, Grille District is a welcome addition to a terminal with very few food choices. In the future, DCA is planning on connecting all the piers in Terminal B. This will open up many more options for eating before your flight.

Thanks for the great report, Paul!


  1. We had breakfast there on August 25. Most disappointing. Food was cold – so was our neighboring table’s. Scrambled eggs were old and greasy. Sent it back once but it came back just the same. Absolutely no excuse as the place was not busy. McDonalds would be better!!! Delta terminal needs better food for travelers.

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