Is Delta Really The World’s Most Trusted Airline?

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There was a story in the LA Times on Sunday that Delta has filed for trademark protection on the slogan “The World’s Most Trusted Airline.” Now I don’t fly Delta nearly as much as Rene from Delta Points, but in my experience that slogan is not at all true. In fact, I’d venture to guess that most of the world agrees with me. While United invites you to “Fly the Friendly Skies” and American touts all of its internal changes as “the New American,” Delta is going several steps beyond this to claim that out of all the airlines in the world, they’re the most trusted. For real?

What is this based on? Is there a survey that Delta distributed to only their elite passengers? Did they promise everyone delicious Biscoff cookies in exchange for their trust? I have no idea. While I’m impressed with some of the advancements that Delta has made in their food and beverage program, I don’t like the idea that they’re claiming they have the entire world’s trust based on some unknown metric. That’s like me declaring I’m the Most Trusted Blogger on BoardingArea just because I asked my mom if she trusts me (She does!).

I’m getting a little tired of companies inventing these titles for themselves just because they can. It’ll be interesting to see if the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will grant them trademark protection on this new slogan. What do you think? Is Delta the world’s most trusted airline? If not, who is? Let’s hear about it in the comments.


  1. As if – I’ll begin trusting them when they notify me via email that an itinerary, made using points directly via their website, changed 3 days later resulting in a 9 hour layover at LAX, and was discovered by me strictly by accident a month later.. That is not a good way to earn trust – the Atlanta heat must be getting to them.

  2. Not sure what they mean by trust. We trust the plane will stay in the air. We trust the fact that their workers will show up that day. We trust they will have Biscoff cookies. Trust is earned. In some ways for me they have and in others they have failed. As a Diamond they do elevate the level of trust earned. I guess they needed a logo that sounds positive. Think of those who do not fly often. United the friendly skies? Need I say more?

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