Do Astronauts Snack in Space? Here’s the Video Proof.

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What do astronauts snack on in space? If you said Astronaut Ice Cream, you’re either me at 9 years old or just wrong. Living in space is hard work. Just breathing requires a different energy level than it does on the ground and astronauts on the International Space Station are doing a heck of a lot more than just breathing. I’ve seen both Gravity AND Interstellar, so I know for a fact that most astronauts are either crying about their dead children or preparing to fight Matt Damon. For that, you need sustenance (and a wise-cracking robot doesn’t hurt, either). So what exactly constitutes an astro-snack? Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti gives us the lowdown in this adorable YouTube video from the European Space Agency:

Seems like astronauts are following the Paleo Diet. Dehydrated strawberries, dried apples, nuts, seeds, and chef-made power bars all fit the criteria of paleo perfectly. It makes sense to me. You need nutrients in space. You probably don’t need buffalo wings. That said, I’d be totally down for some space taste testing with a full order of wings in the ISS. I imagine the only caveat is that you have to watch out for errant drops of buffalo sauce. If it gets in your astronaut eyes, things could go south pretty quickly…


h/t Gizmodo

Photo:Attribution Some rights reserved by Canadacow

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