Do. Los Angeles. Take a Virtual Tour of Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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What: Thought Experiments in F# Minor


Where: Los Angeles, California


What makes it special

Many know the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA to be the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, offering stimulating orchestral performances, innovative music education, and engaging community programs. What many do not know is that the Walt Disney Concert Hall offers free tours facilitated by a virtual talking cat! This is not your average walking tour. The concert hall has welcomed Thought Experiments, who built a new way to learn about the space: through augmented reality (AR). You’re handed an iPad Mini and a pair of headphones and you’re on your way. As you walk throughout, you’ll see AR musical performances on your iPad that bring a fictional world to reality. By the end of your tour, you’ve experienced both a tour of an incredible space and a digital work of art that will leave you in awe.

In your own words

“The iPad guides the guest within and around Walt Disney Concert Hall. As you walk, the iPad creates a virtual reality that adds dancers, musicians, and a mysterious cat to your site. The tour takes about 40 minutes and is fascinating.”

Recommended by: Cliff Meyer & Cathy Root who love traveling to India, Japan, and Europe

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