Stay. Ireland. Live Your Own Game of Thrones in One of Ireland’s Many, Many Castles.

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What: Dromoland Castle

Where: Dromoland, County Clare, Ireland

What makes it special

It’s not often you get to stay in a 15th Century castle built on ancestral lands that have been overseen for over a thousand years, but Dromoland Castle gives you that chance. Don’t worry about that medieval stank, because the whole place was renovated to turn it into a luxury resort on 450 acres. Now you can don your finest suit of armor as you golf, shoot arrows, ride horses, and hike around looking for dragons. There’s even a full spa, but please don’t ask if they use Irish Spring. If you get thirsty, enjoy a classic afternoon tea or a fine dining meal in a dining room fit for a royal family. Conde Nast Traveler readers named it the 7th best resort in the world, so you know this is the type of fancy that’s worth paying for. Did we mention there were resident hawks? And go-karts? (Go-karts?!?)

In your own words

“My room dated back to 1735, but the castle has been around since the mid 1400s. It’s quite amazing to be in a country that hasn’t changed in 6,000 years! I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I am astounded and in awe of the beauty.”

Submitted by: Laurie Goldman. Ireland tip: Ask for a “Black Guinness” and your beer won’t taste as bitter!

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