Eat Healthy (ish) at STL with Great Wraps

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If you’ve ever flown through the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL), you know that dining options are pretty limited. You’ve got your usual suspects (Chili’s, Starbucks, Burger King, et al.) and that’s about it. Now, however, you can grab a sandwich at the brand new Great Wraps in Concourse C , one of three airport locations of the national chain. Is it earth-shattering news? Nope. Is it nice to have a new option so you don’t have to eat another bagel before you board? You bet.

Read all about it in the press release:

(St. Louis) Lambert-St. Louis International Airport continues to expand dining options with the recent opening of Great Wraps, a nationwide chain of restaurants with over two decades of experience serving guests. Located near Gate C-18, Great Wraps features an incredible selection of hot wrapped sandwiches and offers a variety of chef-created menu items, including the Santa Fe Chicken, Buffalo Chicken wrap, and the Classic Gyro.

Looking for an incredible grilled sandwich or to drop the bread altogether? The team at Great Wraps also offers flavorful toasted sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks, hearty rice bowls, and vegetarian options — all featuring exclusive recipes developed by their world-class executive chef.

Not to be overlooked, the Great Wraps is offering an extensive breakfast menu, including options such as the Steak & Eggs wrap or the Roasted Veggie & Scrambled Eggs wrap. For travelers and airport crew seeking something beyond the tortilla, Great Wraps also offers a pancake breakfast or grab-and-go yogurt parfait.

Lambert is the third airport location for Great Wraps, an Atlanta based chain of restaurants with more than 75 locations operating across 18 states.


  1. Yes choices are very weak here in STL. Concourse C continues to improve however since the tornado damage remodeling last year. The new Admirals Club is nice since recently being remodeled. I just hope they move the AA / US flights away from that crowded corner where the old smoking lounge used to be. It’s bad enough that AA only has a couple gates left at AA but to jam everyone all together when half the concourse is empty is dumb IMHO.

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