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Gary Leff from the excellent View from the Wing is a heavyweight in the world of miles and point blogging. He’s been chasing miles for years and a big part of all of that traveling is eating along the way. You may be following Gary’s posts about his recent trip to Southeast Asia, but I wanted to dig in and focus on the more delicious parts of the trip: the food! Check out Gary’s answers below and answer this week’s Fly&Dine Giveaway Question in the comments for your chance to win $50 to Starbucks! Take it away, Gary!


You just flew to Asia. What did you eat on the flight? Give me your best mini-review.

I flew Cathay Pacific New York JFK – Hong Kong. It’s the morning departure so they begin with brunch. Cathay doesn’t have the most remarkable food among first class offerings, but they’re solid. It’s almost always better to go with the Chinese dishes. I had the dim sum, as I always do, the best parts being their chili sauce and the glutinous rice with chicken wrapped in banana leaf.

The second meal is the one on this flight where they make the investment. It’s always worth beginning with the Western option – caviar and tsar nicolaj salmon. They’ll give you seconds if you wish, but I didn’t go there. The Chinese lobster was excellent.

Cathay Pacific, like ANA, offers Krug as their champagne. Thai is known for Dom. Singapore beams with pride over offering both. I did have a taste of that along with a glass of Johnny Walker Blue as I enjoyed some post-meal petit fours and began to relax into their CX World entertainment system.


What’s the best meal you’ve had on this trip?

I’ve just finished up lunch at Bo Innovation in Hong Kong which was a real treat and (believe it or not) value about ~ $100pp for 8 courses. A Michelin 3-star Chinese molecular gastronomy restaurant.

Last night had dinner at Amber, at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental – possibly Hong Kong’s best restaurant. The wagyu beef course was one of the best I’ve ever had. I literally could have eaten the beef without chewing. And most impressive to me was that the dish was served with seven different types of onion. This is the sort of place where they care of the 7th way they’re preparing the onion, and each is there for a reason. Clearly food cost is not a constraint!

In some ways though, my best meal might have been Pho Hoa on Pasteur Street in Ho Chi Minh City… I’ve had higher quality ingredients in pho, for sure, but the broth was amazing. Perfect. I’ve never found a pho place that serves it with the bread that they do, bread I can best approximate as if I were in Singapore it would be called yew char kway but I’m just not sure what it is in Vietnam. Along with spring rolls, all-in for less than US$4pp.

a bowl of soup with meat and noodles

Pho from Pho Hoa (Photo by Gary Leff)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen (food-wise) while in Asia?

Perhaps oddly, nothing on this trip – in Vietnam, Cambodia, or Hong Kong – struck me as especially strange. I’ve certainly eaten street food in Beijing where there are all manner of beetles. I’ve eaten snake (tastes like calamari). I’ve eaten ostrich, emu, crocodile, and kangaroo in Australia. But nothing would get me to eat the beetles. I didn’t go seeking anything like that though. There were some interesting liver dishes in Cambodia, though, they were quite good and I didn’t think them strange at the time I was eating them although as I think back on it they might have been.


Do you ever eat “American food” while you’re abroad?

One of the great adventures is the food I get to eat, that I either don’t have access to at home or that just isn’t the same. And it’s a wonderful way to try to understand and get a sense of place through food (though Michelin 3-star dining is the exception here and not how I eat most of my meals!). So I don’t really eat very much ‘American food’ although I did have one clearly non-Asian meal in the two weeks I’ve been traveling. After traveling from Siem Reap to Macau I checked into my hotel and was just dead tired. I ordered up room service. I wanted to pick just one thing, and I had a bowl of pasta.

But I’d never seek out American fast food, unless it’s to use the restroom. McDonald’s can be a godsend all over the world, an opportunity to stop in in relative cleanliness wherever I am. And fast food, or quick service American brand dining, can be really quite different around the world. One sleepless night around 2am in Tokyo I stopped into Denny’s some years ago and found fantastic Japanese food (by the standards I’m used to at home).

a building with a sign on the front

The Colonel is everywhere… (Photo by Gary Leff)

What’s your favorite airline in terms of food? Do you find a major difference between the US legacy carriers and the Asian airlines?

I think that Singapore Airlines does the best job with entrees and the best job with business class, since they offer book the cook (pre-order your meal selection) even in business and even on short haul flights departing Singapore. I had my single best airline meal on a short business class flight from Singapore to Bali, having pre-ordered the laksa. But Singapore falls down on the inflight snacks. They’re really weak there.

If you like Japanese food, ANA’s offerings in first class are simply amazing.

Overall, though, I think the best job with food is done by Asiana in first class. High quality ingredients, fantastic presentation, everything comes across fantastically well.

Thanks to Gary for an awesome interview. Make sure you check out View from the Wing for more great coverage of Gary’s trip.



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  1. Dim sums. Light & healthy and can be eaten for any meal of the day. SF bay area has some decent ones.

  2. I’m a sucker for Pad Thai….my Thai friends always get upset when we go out to Thai restaurants and I order that… They tell me it would be like them going to an American restaurant and ordering a PB&J…

  3. I like fried rice. I’m very particular and not a huge fan of Asian food, but I can always eat *good* fried rice. πŸ™‚

  4. I love spicy, dry-fried Schezuan style fish. It has a ton of garlic and Schezuan peppercorns and I dream about it.

  5. I love Japanese grilled seafood. I had a 12 hour layover in NRT last year, went to Shinjuku for a quick meal, and can’t stop thinking about how good my grilled scallops, crab, and fish were!

  6. I adore khao soi, which is probably the most typical dish of Northern Thailand. It’s a bowl of curried noodles with chicken and so incredibly delicious in every version I’ve tried. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  7. I love all kinds of Asian food. I am partial to Indian as its my birthplace but there is something about the spice and fragrance of Asian food which makes it so so enticing!

  8. it’s so hard to choose. My fave has got to be shanghai food but sushi is a close 2nd.
    Shanghai food ie xiao long bao those soup dumplings are the best thing to pop in your mouth.
    my husband loves those things
    we’ve had them in NYC, Taiwan and in Canada.

  9. Japanese. And I’d have to agree with Gary that ANA has AMAZING Japanese food. In business class recently to Narita, I enjoyed one of the best Japanese meals I’ve ever eaten! And the Dreamliner lives up to its name … or was that the JW Blue?

  10. so many good choices! hard to pick. love all the interesting things that get done with tofu and also miso soup!

  11. So much amazing food – it’s hard to pick a single dish…although, I will never, ever turn down dumplings!

  12. Both Korean (especially homemade) and Chinese (love cold noodles with chicken). Mongolian BBQ is great, too.

  13. I am a traditionalist-grew up on weekly doses of Chinese (Cantonese style) food; love chicken and cashews made with red/green bell pepers

  14. My favorite cuisine would be homemade Chinese food (or Korean Chinese fusion as my household happen to be). But if I was eating out, it’d have to be fresh sashimi and uni!

  15. I love vietnamese. I love asian food, so many kinds. I love pho, and general tsos chicken. lettuce wraps, pot stickers. yum

  16. Have to go with Korean, specifically Soon Dooboo Jigae (Soft Tofu Stew) + Kimchee and Daeji Gogi (Pork).

  17. We love Vietnamese food. A local restaurant makes Angor Wat Chicken over 57 spices combined for a heavenly treat.

  18. Chinese Jiaozi for sure. I have lived in China for many years and never get tired of Jiaozi. You can put so many different types of filling in them that you are always experiencing new flavors. Just the thought of them is making me hungry right now πŸ˜‰

  19. Any type of Asian food except some of the more extreme cuts like fish guts, beef intestine, tripe; I usually stay away form those.

  20. Strir fry veggies with spring rolls – the meal my wife prepared last night. We healthy, low-cal, and good!

  21. I’m a mix and match my food kinda guy but the soups are a must have in Asia. I can pick Miso soup, Ramen and Pho any meal of the day and never regret it πŸ™‚

  22. My favorite food is getting pad thai made fresh from a food cart in Thailand, with the tiny dried shrimp sprinkled on top.

  23. What’s your favorite type of Asian food?
    Green Thai Curry with Thai Sticky Rice. A staple for some friends who live in Chiang Mai.

  24. One of my favorite asian cusine dishes would have to be Indian butter chicken with freshly baked naan and steamed rice.

  25. Wagamama in London is my favorite Asian restaurant. At my local Asian joint, the sesame chicken with chicken fried rice.

  26. Thai food is my favorite. I could eat Pad Thai every day! And curry! And Tom Yum Gai soup. And so on and so on…

  27. My favorite type of Asian food would be Vietnamese Pho noodle. You can eat this for any meal of the day. Thanks.

  28. Soup dumplings in Singapore….or Hong Kong…. actually soup dumplings anywhere as long as they are prepared ‘just right’ –

  29. Thai green curry…yum! And if you’re in Southeast Asia, every bite of fruit is more luscious than we get in the US!

  30. My all time favorite is Chinese barbecued pork. It always reminds me of the years we lived in San Francisco.

  31. Such a tough question. The best meal I’ve had in Asia was the char siu bao at Tim Ho Wan’s in Hong Kong. But if you gave me any random meal I’d take whatever they are eating pretty much anywhere in Tokyo.

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