Italy Plans a Disneyland-style Theme Park of Food

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Theme park food? Not great. Food theme park? Incredible! Or at least that’s what my daydreaming brain has decided. Eataly, the Italian chain of super-super markets (more like sprawling villages of food than your local grocery store) is behind the plan in Bologna, Italy. If you’ve ever been to one of their locations all over Italy, Japan, Turkey, the U.S., or Dubai, then you know that Eataly is a wonderland of Italian food. They almost feel like amusement parks already, so it’s not a huge leap to see Eataly pulling off an actual theme park successfully.

The project will be named “Fico Eataly World” and the early estimates put the cost upwards of $50 million for a 20-acre property that will feature an aquarium, food labs, grocery stores, restaurants, and more. The best news? If they can pull off this first version of Fico Eataly World, others could soon crop up in Asia and elsewhere around the globe. The plan is to open the park by the end of 2015, but something tells me things may take a little longer. I mean, come on, have you had lunch in Italy? It takes six hours.

Rendering via CAAB SCPA Bologna

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