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This is a sponsored post.

If you’re just here for the free money, all you have to do is click on this link and sign up with Dosh. You’ll get $5 for signing up, another $1 per credit card you add, and then you’ll keep getting free cash back whenever you use your card at a Dosh merchant (there are thousands and thousands in their network). That’s it!

If that’s all you needed to know, feel free to go sign up for Dosh now. If you want to know why I’ve become a Dosh convert, though, you’ll have to keep reading.

I’m generally a skeptical, cynical person. I believe the saying “if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” So when I was first approached to write about the new cash-back app Dosh, I almost said no. Then my curiosity got the better of me. They were promising an app that delivers cash back from your everyday purchases for doing absolutely nothing more than just uploading your credit card into their app. Where was the catch?


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I decided to take the app for a test run and see if the promise was true. Now, getting me to input my credit card into anything is difficult. I’m pretty guarded when it comes to my personal financial security and after a recent experience where some idiots got a hold of my credit card number and used it at 5 different gas stations in Georgia (apparently my identity thieves weren’t the ambitious type…), I’m even less inclined to share my personal data with a new untested app. Part of the app’s appeal, however, is that they use the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use. That’s because (as I later learned) the app is integrated into the same system that credit card payments go through, which is how they’re able to just magically put money back into your Dosh account. This is all to say that I put my credit card in the app and I have yet to be the subject of a financial assault. Phew. Now I was ready to see how this puppy purred. Wait a second. Puppies don’t purr. Let’s just pretend they do. Are imagining a purring puppy? I am. Now puppies are even cuter, right? But I digress…

Dosh works a few different ways. You can visit one of their merchants (restaurants, retail, etc.); you can book travel through the app and get a specific amount of Dosh back; or you can buy something through an online store as long as you go through Dosh to start the purchase. I chose the first route, because it seemed the easiest. After checking for a restaurant near me, Lady Fly&Dine and I were off to a sushi bar we’d never tried before. We filled up on spicy tuna and salmon rolls, then waited eagerly for the check to arrive so I could get my first Dosh experience. Then the moment of triumph arrived.

a screenshot of a phone

Before the server even came back with my credit card, my phone buzzed. It was Dosh telling me that I just got roughly $5 back for doing nothing. That was 7% of my total bill and it was all mine thanks to Dosh. Now if you ask me, that’s a total win. I did next to nothing — literally just typed some numbers into an app — and now, for every single purchase I make at a Dosh merchant, I get cash that I can immediately transfer to my bank account. No checks to cash, no points to redeem, no hoops to jump through. Just cold hard cash.

What a world we live in, folks.


  1. Looks like Dosh is on the same rewards network as Mogl, so you have to choose which network to have your card linked to.

    • I believe they are — it’s the same network Yelp Cash is on, too. I personally would go with Dosh because they offer way more functionality in terms of travel rewards, plus the ability to instantly transfer your cash to your bank account or give it to hundreds of charities, if you’re the giving type. I think Dosh is like Mogl, but supercharged.

  2. Do you have to use the phone to pay for It?
    Or do I just use my registered DOSH credit card for everything and if one of those purchases happens to be a DOSH merchant I get credit?

    For instance if I go to my favorite restaurant and they happen to be on the DOSH list do I get the credit or do I have to do something with DOSH first before I go.
    If I got to that restaurant 5 days in a row do I have to go through DOSH each time?

    • That’s the beauty of Dosh, in my opinion. You don’t need to use the app at restaurants at all. You just use your credit card and get the cash back. Once it’s registered, you’re good to go. As far as I know, you get the discount every time you use the card. Five days in a row or five hundred! The reason I love the app so much is that you don’t really have to do anything besides register your card. The cash back comes automatically.

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