Free Starbucks, Gene Simmons at LAX, and Passengers Choice Awards

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First things first: if you haven’t entered my $50 Starbucks giveaway this week, you’ve got less than a day left. The contest closes at midnight tonight. Click on one of the various posts below that say Starbucks in the title and follow the instructions to enter. Now onto your regularly scheduled programming:

I can’t believe the week has gone by so quickly, not to mention the fact that we’re already into June! I spent half of the past week in the Kansas City area at a restaurant Grand Opening with half of KISS. It was exactly as awesome/weird/fun/cool/strange as you’d imagine. While that story doesn’t fit with the Fly&Dine theme, these stories definitely do. Here’s the week that was in Fly&Dine:

Fly&Dine Interview + Giveaway: Delta Points

Eat at Rock & Brews LAX, Meet KISS

Free Starbucks, @DeltaPoints, and the $54 Starbucks drink.

Now’s the Time to Vote for the Passenger Choice Awards [sponsored]

Fly&Dine + @DeltaPoints = Free Starbucks

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