Genius In-N-Out/LAX Hack OFFICIALLY Kaput

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If you’ve been using the Genius In-N-Out Trick to snag free rides from LAX to the In-N-Out via the Parking Spot shuttle, then the world is now a different place. A couple of weeks ago, I reported that the Parking Spot was sending out letters to its customers that they would now have to provide proof that they parked at the garage before boarding the shuttle. Now, we have proof that the trick is officially dead.

Reader Florian left a comment yesterday that should make burger lovers everywhere sad:

Tried to ride the shuttle today. No chance without a ticket :(

It’s over. It’s all over. Now, your best chance to get over to the In-N-Out is to either walk, which isn’t exactly a really convenient option if you’ve got a big carry-on with you, or to take an Uber later this summer when UberX is finally able to pick you up at LAX.

It’s a dark day in the burger world, folks. Your double-double procurement actually requires effort now. So sad.

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  1. ^Wasn’t really a “scam” at all when this was widely known and the garage had a huge arrow pointing to the exit to In N Out

  2. What about their Spot Club card? When I park, I just use the card. No ticket provided. You can pick up a card at any of their locations. You probably wouldn’t have to even register it. Plus if you do, you get free parking.

    • Hey Dan — I noted the Spot Club card in my original post. If you’ve got one, you’re good to go! It’s the easiest way to still use the shuttle.

  3. I was in LAX yesterday and showed the driver my Parking Spot card (which is free) and was good to go. No questions asked.

  4. Why don’t they just charge a dollar for non-customers? The seats are empty anyway, they make a bit of money, and people get their burger fix. Win-win all around.

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