Closing LaGuardia, Groupon TVs, and SO MUCH MORE!

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Happy Mother’s Day, Fly&Diners. I’ve got a special Mother’s Day post coming later today, but for now, why don’t you head up to the Fly&Dine buffet and feast on the stories you may have missed this week.

NYT Says New York Should Close LaGuardia


This is Why You Don’t Buy a TV from Groupon

(For the record, Groupon customer service has been really great after my initial dealings with them. Thanks, Kevin P.)


7 Unbelievable Ways Airlines Are Celebrating Cinco de Mayo


Chipotle’s Secret Guacamole Recipe


JetBlue Brings Streaming Video to Planes via Amazon Prime


Ranking The Best Airline WiFi


The Bardenay Menu at the Boise Airport (BOI)


Airport Restaurant Month is Back with Great Deals


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