Get Ready for More Sushi Near LAX

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared the LA Times’ list of great dining options near LAX. It covered all kinds of genres from pizza to Thai to Jamaican to Middle Eastern but it didn’t grab everything. In-N-Out didn’t make the list, nor did one of my favorites, Aliki’s Greek Taverna. Another type of food the list neglected to mention is sushi.

While you can get sushi inside the airport at Lucky Fish (assuming you’re in the Tom Bradley International Terminal), there aren’t many options for great sushi near LAX. Westchester isn’t the most upscale community and sushi lovers really need to head north to Culver City, West LA, and Santa Monica to hit some of LA’s finer raw fish emporiums.

There has been one good option for sushi near LAX and it’s open until 1am every night, to boot. It’s called Kanpai and today Eater (by way of Toddrickallen) reports that Kanpai is opening a second location. The first location is close to the Loyola Marymount campus, but this new one at 8736 S. Sepulveda Blvd. is even closer to LAX. Now, you can stop at In-N-Out using the Genius LAX In-N-Out Burger Trick and then continue up Sepulveda a few blocks and grab a sashimi combo, too.

No word on an official opening date, yet, but there’s a banner outside that says coming soon. This is especially good news for anyone flying in or out of LAX after 10pm when most other restaurants in the area are closed. Kanpai will be open until 1am at both locations for your late night sushi needs.

Kanpai Sushi Bar & Grill
8325 Lincoln Blvd.
8736 S. Sepulveda Blvd
(310) 338-7223


  1. The only sushi place you need already exists just a hop from LAX in marina del rey. Go and get some sugarfish

    • Trust me, Beau (that’s a sugarfish reference for you…), I love Sugarfish just as much as you do, but the location in MdR is five miles away from LAX. That’s a 15 minute drive at minimum! This Kanpai place will be two minutes away and much more convenient for anyone going to/from the airport. It won’t be the same quality that Nozawa-san provides, but it should do the trick.

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