Get Lucky with Luckyfish at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal

Get Lucky with Luckyfish at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal

Is it just me or is the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX becoming the best food court in the world? The latest addition to the line-up is Luckyfish, the Sushi Roku-inspired sushi bar concept from Innovative Dining Group (aka the guys behind BOA, Sushi Roku, Katana, Soleto, and more). Now you can skip the mystery sushi at Sushi Boy and go for the real deal with nigiri, sashimi, maki (rolls), bowls, ramen, and udon as well as sake by the glass and specialty cocktails. It’ll be just like the real Sushi Roku experience, except you won’t get elbowed by the low-budget indie director at the next table as he tries to impress that actress who desperately wants a part in “Shark vs. Martha Stewart.”

From the press release:

The menu at Luckyfish, which will be available daily for lunch and dinner, features favorites from Sushi Roku, including the Spicy Tuna Hanabi on crispy rice, Baked Crab Handroll, Tuna Tataki with garlic chips and mizore ponzu, Hakata Ramen with Cha-Shu pork, and the Salary Man cocktail with Dewar’s 12 Reserve Scotch, Daiginjo Sake, sour, and raspberry-cilantro mash.

So grab a pair of chopsticks and say arigato to the folks at Luckyfish for hooking you up (it’s a fish joke) with some high quality sushi before you head out to Fiji.

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