Help Me Help You: A Call for Requests

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I took last week off (with the exception of a photo of these delicious chicken wings) because I wanted to push pause as I figured out which direction I wanted to take Fly&Dine. If you haven’t already gathered, Fly&Dine is unique in the BoardingArea portfolio. We’re a hybrid food and frequent traveler blog and with one foot in each camp, I fear that we’re not hitting the perfect center of the Venn diagram. That’s why I need your help.

Over the past few months of growing readership — and it’s growing rapidly! — I’ve learned a few things about my readers:

1. You seem to love reports from actual places/airplanes/hotels/etc.

2. You don’t seem to care much about new restaurants opening in airport terminals.

3. You love tips and tricks to get more out of your traveling experience.

4. You can’t resist a good food photo.

This is all well and good, but I need more info. What I really realized is that I need to hear more from you, the readers. So consider this a call to action. I want to know what you’re looking for from Fly&Dine. I can’t promise to deliver everything, but I want to tailor this site towards what you really want to read and for that to happen, I need for you to weigh in.

Either send me a message to flyanddine at gmail dot com or, if you prefer a public forum, leave a comment here. Tell me what you’re looking for. Tell me what you don’t need. This is your chance to help make Fly&Dine even better. I welcome your thoughts.

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