Hotel Tipping, Eating Free in Lounges, and Best/Worst Fast Food

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This has been, without question, the most successful week in Fly&Dine history. More people visited Fly&Dine than ever before and I am grateful for that. What did they come to read? Check out the stories that grabbed everyone’s attention this week:

First, we addressed the question of gratuity while you travel in…

Tipping at Hotels

Then an actual butler told us what he thought!

Leading Butler in SF Weighs in on Hotel Tipping

A man in Germany learned the hard way that even white-collar crime that doesn’t seem like crime doesn’t pay:

How to Eat for Free at Airport Lounges… and Get a Fine?

Would you pay $18 for a Caesar salad?

The $18 Airport Salad

Maybe not, but how happy would you be if your pilot bought you pizza?

Frontier Pilot Buys Pizza for Whole Plane

I sacrifice my tastebuds for the good of humanity.

Flight Food Review: AA’s Chicken Cobb Sandwich

Gordon Ramsay stops yelling for a second and makes all of us brownies:

Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food Brownie Recipe

We took a look at some vital rankings:

Consumer Reports Names Best & Worst Fast Food Restaurants

Then asked the most important question of the week:

Who’s the LeBron of Frequent Flyer Programs?



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