JAL Introduces New Meals

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Japan Airlines (JAL) is putting a new spin on the old phrase “I’ll have the fish.” Beginning March 1st, Chef Jun Kurogi of “Kurogi” will be offering a brand new multi-course menu for international business travelers flying out of Japan. The meal begins with an amuse-bouche of sesame tofu, followed by a bento box of Japanese delicacies including tuna and oval squid “sashimi” style, simmered bamboo shoots and abalone, and Japanese smelt marinated in sweet vinegar. You’ll then be served a plate of roast Japanese beef fillet and grilled miso-marinated salmon. And if that wasn’t enough you’ll also get a helping of steamed rice and miso soup. But wait… there’s more! For dessert, Kurogi is offering the traditional Japanese sweet of a bracken starch dumpling (aka Warabi Mochi).

JAL is also upping it’s game by incorporating a brand new assortment of wines handpicked by Japan’s number one wine taster Motohiro Okoshi. If you’re going to be number one at something, it might as well be wine tasting.


In addition to the new items for business class travelers, JAL is now offering all classes a chicken and tomato stew created by famous soup shop Soup Stock Tokyo (say that 10 times fast). The tomato flavored stew is filled with chicken and vegetables; customers will also have the option to add short pasta with a basil sauce to mix up the flavor.

And if all of this has your mouth watering before your flight, you can now swing by the JAL International First Class Lounge at Haneda Airport for some teppanyaki grilled beef. The lounge will stock a variety of seasonal ingredients that will be made to order in front of you in their new Teppan Dining Area. One word of warning before you catch your flight– you’re going to want to remove any shrimp tails that end up in your shirt pocket before you board the plane.




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