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JAL Introduces New Meals

Japan Airlines (JAL) is putting a new spin on the old phrase “I’ll have the fish.” Beginning March 1st, Chef Jun Kurogi of “Kurogi” will be offering a brand new multi-course menu for international business travelers flying out of Japan. The meal begins with an amuse-bouche of sesame tofu, followed by a bento box of Japanese…

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New Vegetarian Menu on JAL

Lots of JAL food news in the past weeks. Check out the previous posts here. While last week brought news of a new Chef in the Sky and updates to the JAP Lounge menu at HND, this week brings good news for vegetarians, Japanese and otherwise. Just like before, I’m not going to rewrite the…

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ANA Brings LA Fine Dining to the Sky

Los Angeles is the city where fine dining went to die. While New York and Chicago still carry the banner of the besuited service staff high and proud, LA has watched its fine dining restaurants get picked off like high-ranking government officials in a terrible sniper movie. I wrote a story a few years back…

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ANA Adds Michelin Superstars to Chef Roster

Ever since American Airlines launched their Chefs’ Conclave back in 1988, carriers around the world have tried to snag the best culinary talent to consult on their in-flight culinary programs. Now it’s considered industry standard to have a well-known chef putting their names on airplane menus. Japan’s ANA goes well beyond industry standard, though, with…

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