JetBlue Lowers True Blue Redemption Minimum

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If you’re a regular JetBlue True Blue flyer, get ready to start dancing in the streets. I just got an email from JetBlue announcing that they’re lowering their redemption minimum for True Blue flights from 5,000 points all the way down to 3,500. That’s a 30% reduction!

Taxes and fees are $5.60 each way and most flights cost well over 3,500 points, but if you’ve got a short haul coming up you may be in luck. In a very brief survey of the JetBlue booking engine, I found that Boston to Nantucket (should you choose to fly instead of driving the 100 miles) is a great example of a flight that will only cost you 3,500 points now.

Rejoice, my Blue-loving friends. Your time is finally now.

(apologies if this info was already out there — the email just came through to me!)


  1. Yes, Jon. Nantucket is an island. I figured it was assumed that you would be taking the ferry if you were driving there and didn’t think I needed to explain that, but apparently I was wrong.

  2. There are some much longer routes where the 3500 point redemption option (or other <5000 point choices) will show up. BOS-BUF is a good example of one where driving is a 6.5 hour trek versus a trivial number of points.

    Also worth noting is that, generally speaking, the TrueBlue redemption values are actually better on the cheaper flights versus the more expensive ones. That’s not something I’d ever really considered until I collected the data and mapped it out.

  3. BOS-ACK and/or JFK-ACK flights can be had for sub $40 if you time it right. But for the times those flights are north of $500, yeah 3500 is a good deal.

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