Korean Girls Eat US Snacks, Kobe Bryant’s Diet, & More!

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My Sunday is about to draw to a close here at the gorgeous Le Clair de Plume hotel in Grignan, a beautifully rustic French town in the Rhone Valley. While I’m getting down with some local black truffles for dinner (rough life, I know), you can catch up on all of the Fly&Dine stories you may have missed this week. Collect ’em all!

Video: Korean Girls Eating American Snacks

Kobe Bryant and the Growing Bone Broth Trend

Would You Eat Dinner in a Stranger’s House While Traveling?

Global Comfort: The Menu at Roger Mooking’s Twist at Toronto Pearson

Plane Crashes/Terrorism/Babies: What Makes You Afraid to Fly?

My #FrenchGourmetTrip is About to Begin!

French Gourmet Trip Day 1

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