Marijuana Amnesty at COS

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Uh-oh, did you forget to take your one hitter out of your pocket at home? Not a problem when you’re flying out of Colorado Springs [(COS) (home of BoardingArea HQ!)]. With the state’s new marijuana legalization taking effect as of January 1, a whole new host of unforeseen problems are popping up in regards to weed and COS is saying everything’s irie, mon, with amnesty boxes for those that forgot to leave their pot at home. Just ditch your stash in one of the amnesty boxes before you fly and you’ll be a little sadder but a lot more legal. If you try to take any bud with you on-board, you’ll be subject to a $2,500 fine and potential jail time, so use the boxes wisely.

How does this relate to food you ask? Clearly you’ve never taken a puff…


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