Martin Sheen’s Goodbye, Automatic Tipping, and FREE CANDY*

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In one week, we’ve watched Martin Sheen say goodbye to the world, we’ve said “Screw That” to automatic gratuity in restaurants, and we’ve established that Spirit Airlines is the worst. In fact, we’ve covered a lot of great topics this week here at Fly&Dine headquarters. To catch up on all of it, click below and scroll to the bottom to find out about your FREE CANDY*!

New In-N-Out Comes to LAX Area

Martin Sheen Says Goodbye to the World

Screw That: Automatic Gratuity in Restaurants

Do Astronauts Snack in Space? Here’s the Video Proof.

Houston, You’ve Got New Airport Restaurants

Exciting New Restaurants Coming to Montreal Airport (YUL)

This Healthy Hawaiian Fish Favorite is Lighting Up Los Angeles

Spirit Airlines is the Worst (and Data Backs it Up)


*Your free candy will arrive on October 31st, 2015. It’s at your neighbor’s house. Wear a costume.

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