Mom Post: The Things You No Longer See at Airports

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My Mom is the best. She does all kinds of mom things, like making prime rib when I come into town and driving a Honda Accord with a vanity license plate. She also sends me articles that might make for good Fly&Dine posts. I have zero time today to give you something new, so instead, I’m sharing my mom’s latest forward from mental_floss, the online magazine for people who are afraid their brains may be getting stale. This article is called “10 Things We No Longer See at Airports,” and while I haven’t been alive long enough to remember most of these (I’m an ’80s baby, folks), you might get a kick out of them like my mother did. Here’s the list from mental_floss writer Kara Kovalchik — along with my commentary:

1. Observation Decks

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Look! In the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… just a plane.


2. Colorful, Distinctive Luggage Tags

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This has hipster written all over it.


3. Hare Krishnas

I think the sound of tiny bells would be calming before a flight.


4. Courtesy Cars

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They’re all courtesy cars if you don’t care about the law.


5. Coin-Operated TV Chairs

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1st Dibs

TV chairs or… mid-70s sex devices?


6. Free Baggage Carts

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Still a thing in some places!


7. Welcoming/Bidding Farewell at the Gate

When this was outlawed, the world’s stowaways shed a tear.


8. Life Insurance Kiosks

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Replaced with Starbucks.


9. Outdoor Stairs as Your Only Option

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People miss this? Go to Morocco. They’ve got you covered.


10. Smoking

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Getty Images

Good riddance.


What else are you nostalgic for? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS!

Read the full mental_floss post here.

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  1. They still have stairs at LGB Long Beach and BUR Burbank as well as YXS Prince George and YQG Windsor and YHM Hamilton. All the airports I’ve been to now have free luggage carts and in USA MOT Minot MRY Monterey and SBA Santa Barbara still have them.

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